Ethel’s Puppies-3 Weeks Old and Walking!

Ethel’s puppies are on the move! They are getting curious about their environment and beginning to playfully puppy fight each other. Their little legs have been gaining strength every day and they have begun walking. All of our puppies have new owners, who are anxiously awaiting Puppy Pickup Day in November! Our girl, Fiona, and … More Ethel’s Puppies-3 Weeks Old and Walking!

Puppies Coming Soon!

We are so excited to officially announce that Ethel is expecting a litter of puppies in about 3 weeks! The proud mother had an ultrasound yesterday and the vet confirmed that puppies are on the way! Sean and Ethel are thrilled about becoming parents! We are currently contacting those on our waiting list to confirm … More Puppies Coming Soon!

First Birthday!!!

We celebrated the girls’ first birthday last night! It’s hard to believe the sweet girls have been in our lives for a whole year! Peanut-butter flavored ice cream sure made for a special party! Even though it wasn’t Sean’s birthday, he still enjoyed the fun! Here’s a picture of Sean at the party and an … More First Birthday!!!

Stormy Days!

It’s a stormy day in the south! We are so fortunate in that our dogs are not unreasonably afraid of thunderstorms. But don’t worry! They are carefully monitoring the situation from the front window and are ready to take shelter, if needed! If you dog is afraid of thunder make sure to read this info … More Stormy Days!