Our Scottie Dogs

We have three Scotties, one male and two females.

Sean Connery, Sire

Sean is a black male with some brindle on his paws and around his face. The first image is of him when he was around 1 1/2 years old, the top right was around 1 year and the bottom right was right after he arrived at his new home, around 9 weeks old. Sean is very loyal to his family and likes to be nearby, although not always touching his loved ones. He was raised in our home with a kitten named Gracie, who he still enjoys playing with.

Lucy Ricardo

Lucy is a fully black female. The picture on the far right is of her as a small puppy. The far left image is at one year and the middle at 9 months. Lucy has a very sweet personality and loves to snuggle!  Belly rubs are her favorite!

Ethel Mae Mertz

Ethel is a black female with a white spot under her chin. Ethel is the largest of our dogs and has a very gentle nature. She also enjoys snuggling with her family members.

More Images of the Dogs